Give Stress Relief
With Amidira

Introducing Eco Mind Care

Introducing Eco Mind Care

This box is the ultimate in showing love. Specially crafted to care for mind and body, it's wellness informed and done right.

Give to a care for a busy mom, friend going through tough times, or use to care for yourself.

We've Got You

We donate $1 toward cancer research for every box sold. And for every thank you given by the receiver on Facebook, we donate another $1. Gratitude breeds health!

We now bring that research to you with our care boxes. Every item is handpicked to be helpful. Read our guides to learn more.

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The pandemic is a self care crisis. We’re offering free customized greeting cards while supplies last.

Amidira is a play on the word Amadora meaning "gift of love"

Ongoing Care

People with cancer get help at diagnosis but often the help fizzles out over time. With our "beat cancer tips" on Instagram and YouTube, your loved one will get continued care far into the future.

Designed With Love

Many people lose their sense of self worth and beauty due to cancer treatment. We beautifully design our boxes to remind your loved one that they're beautiful and valued.

Waste Reduction

We try to be as earth friendly as we can. Most packaging in our boxes are recyclable except the foil packing for tea and salt freshness. The boxes are also super nice for re-use!