Store Update

Amidira Founder Sylvia Ng with Kids


Hi everyone, 

I’m a cancer survivor and I started Amidira 2 years ago to give back to the community. It has been an incredible journey to connect with others affected by cancer, share their inspirational stories, and provide gift packages to uplift. We have been able to amplify our reach with partners such as the Mount Sinai gift shop and Pancreatic Cancer Canada and for this I’m incredibly grateful. 

Today, however, Amidira’s store will go on pause indefinitely. An e-commerce store takes a lot of effort to run, and with 2 kids at home I’ve decided I need to take some time back in my day to allow for more of a family and health focus. So going forward, we will not be restocking/selling any more of our products. However, I will continue to be active in the community, and hope to start the store again someday. 

If you or a loved one is battling cancer and needs a friend to talk to, or if you need tips on what to do/ say to a newly diagnosed friend, you can always find me on Instagram.

Our cancer community will also continue on @OneVillage. One Village helps patients and caregivers navigate through unexpected life events like cancer, addiction, depression, etc. and I’ve made an investment into that community with the continued belief that health challenges are best faced with the support of others. You can join the One Village community here.

Thank you for supporting Amidira and for giving my team and I the opportunity to serve the cancer community. It has been an amazing two years so far.

With that being said, Give Care. Take Care.

With love, 

Sylvia Ng