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Amidira Founder Sylvia Ng with Kids

Hi, I'm Sylvia. 

I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 35. Being in support groups discussing life and death was an extreme departure to my usual days working as a tech executive and mom. With it came perspective and a change in my lifestyle that nothing short of cancer could have brought on. I researched food, massage, exercise, and sleep. My diet took a radical turn for the better. I invested in my own mental health. And through all that, I learned.

The things I learned were not rocket science but I was still shocked. Scientists have shown us the way to a healthy lifestyle, but it is so often divorced from cancer treatment. Our typical drug-first approach to cancer care means that vast amounts of nutrition and self care research are overlooked. What’s more, support by friends is well meaning but often unhelpful. Greeting cards are fight or flight in the extreme; there’s “fight cancer” mode and “f@ck cancer” mode and both talk to the cancer more than the patient. Care packages prioritize cheerfulness in the moment and many contain unhealthy sweets and random trinkets. Moment-in-time gifts don’t provide the continuous support that cancer patients need over months and years.

That is why I founded Amidira. Not only are the products in our care boxes backed by research, but I created a series of YouTube videos so cancer patients can use the research with the items to build a healthy care routine. I want to be an extra cancer care buddy, so the videos include activities that a cancer patient can do with me, such as self massages, art therapy, and meditations. Giving an Amidira box means you’re not just showing love, but also promoting healthy habits and lifestyle. And we have greeting cards meant to show support and start conversations.

And so, welcome to Amidira. Please join me in giving some care to a cancer patient! And please, take care of yourself too.

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Sylvia Ng, Founder of Amidira
Take Care. Give Care.


Why the name? The name Amadora means gift of love and was perfect for the brand. But amadora.com cost $40k. Amidira is a great play on that word, especially with "ami" meaning friend in French, and "dira" sounding like dear. With amidira.com costing $24, "Dear friend" seemed a great substitute! Thanks for supporting our small business.

A special THANK YOU to the incredibly generous and supportive folks that have helped build Amidira: Marianne L, Kevin W, Patty C, Angela F, and Yollanda Z.